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Let Us Help You Seek Sobriety

You don’t owe alcohol or drug addiction another hour of your life and wellbeing. Start challenging it – right now.

Come to Cedar Oaks Wellness Center in Dayton for supportive and compassionate care all throughout the path to sobriety. We use a variety of treatment methods and therapies to help people in situations much like yours regain their lives after addiction tried to ruin them. But we do not try to make you use the same recovery methods as everyone else because we know that would not be doing you any justice. We understand that your reasons for addiction are unique, which is why we offer truly personalized treatments.

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We Can Help You in Tough Times

We can help people who are struggling with addictions to:

We have also helped people who are living with alcohol use disorder, also called alcoholism or alcohol abuse. Whether you are struggling with alcohol, drugs, or both, Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is ready to hear from you.

Fighting Addiction with Various Treatments

Trying to fight your drug or alcohol addiction with a single-minded approach might not be correct. To give you the best chances of success, we recommend our holistic approach to recovery. Holistic practices focus on not just the body, but also the mind and the soul. Your addiction is damaging every part of you, after all, so it makes sense to find a treatment or therapy method that heals every part of you.

Our professional addiction recovery services include:

Of course, we are not going to hand you a recovery program that is not tailored to your exact needs. Ultimately, such a hasty approach to recovery would not do too much good. To give you a stronger chance of succeeding, we can personalize your recovery program to you and your needs.

If you are worried about withdrawal symptoms, then we can talk about our medication-assisted treatment services. Our treatment center is equipped to help people with more intense cases of addiction.

Discover a Great Way to Fight Addiction

Call our Dayton addiction rehab center today if you or a loved one needs help fighting drug or alcohol addiction. We can use group therapies, family therapies, and other methods designed to let you find your center. When you are balanced, confident, and focused, addiction doesn’t stand a chance.

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