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Safe, Effective Alcohol Detoxification Can Lead to Sobriety

Quitting alcohol use straight-up can be dangerous if your alcohol addiction is severe. Your body might go through withdrawal symptoms that cause serious ailments and push you into relapsing. If you want to fight for sobriety and put aside alcohol forever, then you should plan on using detoxification to get there.

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center in Cincinnati offers a safe and comprehensive alcohol detox program for people from all walks of life. If your alcohol addiction has interrupted your life, hurt your relationships, or sent you to the hospital for medical care, then there is no more important time than right now to discover what our carefully managed detox program can do for you.

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What Does Alcohol Detox Do?

The goal of alcohol detoxification is to help you quit the use of alcohol entirely and in a relatively short amount of time while also minimizing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. While in the detox program, you will be in a safe environment with professional monitoring and medical equipment to fortify your health as you prepare for the inevitable withdrawal.

Some of the worst alcohol withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Migraines
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heightened anxiety
  • Rapid pulse
  • Tremors and seizures
  • Hallucinations

The worse your alcohol addiction disease had been, the worse your withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. For most people, withdrawal begins within 3 days of stopping alcohol use, so we highly advise you to come to our addiction treatment center as soon as possible if you have already put down alcohol and vowed off it.

Steps of Alcohol Detoxification

We want to be sure that you feel supported and safe while you are in our alcohol detox program. Our detox professionals have created a program that can be broken down into steps, allowing you to anticipate everything ahead of you and understand that you are in control of the situation. Remember: Taking back sobriety is a power struggle between you and a dangerous disease, but you can overcome it with the right tools and support systems in place, like professional detox at a renowned recovery center.

Our alcohol detox program involves three main steps:

  • Evaluation: Not everyone should undergo immediate detoxification. Certain cases of alcohol addiction could call for further monitoring and treatments before. We start the detox program process by evaluating your health and overall situation to make certain you are getting the right recovery treatment plan for you.
  • Stabilization: For many people, stabilization is the “scariest” step in alcohol addiction recovery, as it involves pushing through withdrawal symptoms until they feel healthy without the need for alcohol. Detox becomes so important during stabilization because it keeps you close to professional staff members who will monitor your vital signs, encourage you, and take care of you.
  • Treatment: After stabilization occurs, you can explore more alcohol addiction treatment options with our staff. Treatments and therapies will vary from person to person, so we like to take the time to get to know everyone we help. By the time you are ready for further treatments, you should feel confident that the plan has been tailored with you in mind.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Starts with Detoxing Today

Losing another day to the self-abuse caused by alcohol addiction is not something you deserve. Please reach out to Cedar Oaks Wellness Center and talk to our team about our alcohol detoxification program today. We want what is best for you, just as your loved ones do, too. Standing up to alcohol addiction is understandably intimidating, but we are all here to support you, including with the use of advanced medical equipment to monitor your health as you detox. Would you like to know more? Contact us today.

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