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SMART Recovery in Cincinnati

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Though many people assume that recovery is complete once treatment is finished, the reality is that recovery is a lifelong process that involves many obstacles and opportunities to relapse. This is why there are countless self-help groups available to continue encouraging people to make healthy choices and connect them with others going through the same struggles. Cedar Oaks Wellness Center offers both inpatient and detox recovery options and can connect you to a support group through SMART Recovery. At our Cincinnati center, our team recognizes that all activities can bring healing to our clients; as a result, we offer clients opportunities to address their addictions and habits through group therapy, family therapy, and other recovery models like SMART. We’re more than happy to sit down with you to learn more about your situation and discuss SMART Recovery in depth.

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What is SMART Recovery?

Self-Management and Recovery Training, or SMART Recovery, is a national nonprofit organization designed to help individuals face their addictive problems. Originally incorporated in 1992, SMART Recovery functions on a group-based recovery model and prides itself on using the latest scientific treatments to help members overcome addiction. The organization offers treatments at centers across the United States, including Cedar Oaks Wellness Center.

As an aftercare option, SMART Recovery help individuals, as well as their family members and friends, adapt to daily life after rehab. The support group focuses on developing members’ short-term and long-term coping skills so they can make a positive lifestyle change and avoid falling back into destructive behavior patterns.

SMART Recovery categorizes addictive behavior as an over-involvement or compulsion to use substances or activities. Though the organization acknowledges that all individuals experience addictive behavior to some degree, for some, addictions can come with negative consequences and threaten their health and their futures.

SMART Recovery has grown steadily over the years and in the United States alone, more than 1,500 meetings were held in 2015. In addition to its support groups, the organization also offers an online discussion group and various recovery-related publications.

How SMART Recovery Works

SMART Recovery focuses on using positive language and coping mechanisms to empower its members and abides by what they refer to as a “Four-Point program.”

According to the organization, the four phases of treatment and recovery include:

  • Building and maintaining motivation: Motivation is important to have so you can continue to maintain your sobriety after rehab. Life will come with many temptations, but it’s ultimately up to you to have the motivation to say no. You can be encouraged in your recovery by attending SMART sessions and engaging with other members.
  • Coping with urges: Completing treatment doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have urges to drink or use drugs. SMART Recovery helps members identify their unique urges and learn techniques to cope with them and avoid potential triggers.
  • Managing thoughts, feeling, and behaviors: SMART Recovery works to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positivity. Though there will be challenging moments in recovery, changing your perspective can make all the difference in determining whether you will stay sober.
  • Living a balanced life: Having healthy habits is important if you wish to commit to sobriety. SMART Recovery believes along with staying away from drugs or alcohol, exercising, having a positive mindset, and getting enough sleep are all beneficial.

How is SMART Different From AA?

With such a similar group-oriented model, many people wonder how SMART Recovery differs from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. SMART Recovery’s foundation is scientific knowledge and research, while AA models are based on spiritual principles. In SMART Recovery meetings, no one is labeled as an alcoholic or addict – all members are people. There are also no sponsors in SMART Recovery.

However, taking part in SMART Recovery doesn’t mean you can’t join other support groups. In fact, roughly half of SMART Recovery participants also attend other recovery programs. Participants are more than welcome to attend other groups to determine what kind of language and model works for them.

Is SMART Recovery right for you? Our Cincinnati team can help you learn more when you call us for help at (513) 780-5201. You deserve to heal in a way that makes sense to you.

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