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At Cedar Oaks Wellness Center, we take nutrition seriously. Many people, including yourself, may be fully aware of the toll that addiction takes on your body. Certain types of drugs can weaken your immune system, impair your breathing, lead to high blood pressure, and more. Alcohol or drug addiction can also prevent you from remembering to feed yourself. All of this is why our Cincinnati team goes above and beyond to incorporate nutritional counseling into our addiction treatment programs. Our programs strive to help you heal and gain the skills you need in recovery, and eating nutritional meals is one way you can prepare yourself for the road ahead.

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How Healthy Diets Help in Recovery

When people think of rehab, they typically imagine detox programs, therapy, and support groups, but a well-balanced diet can be an essential part of the recovery process, too. For one, scheduling your meals can create a routine that many people in recovery need to have stability in their lives. When you have set mealtimes that cover all your food groups, you’re making an active choice to care for yourself and your health.

Other benefits of eating well, such as incorporating vitamins and minerals into your diet and remembering to drink plenty of water, include:

  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • Strengthening your immune system to fight disease and infection
  • Combatting unpleasant withdrawal symptoms
  • Prevent feelings of depression, anxiety, and irritability
  • Boosted mood

Additionally, when you’re nourished, you’re in a better headspace to benefit from therapy and the other services rehab provides.

About Our Chef

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center knows every person’s recovery is unique—that’s why we work closely with our clients to create individualized treatment plans, which can include detox, medication-assisted treatment, and meal plans. We’re lucky to work with celebrated chef Nick Irvin, who has more than two decades of experience bringing new flavors to the palettes of eaters all over the country.

Chef IrvinNick Irvin is a graduate from the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State. I have been in the culinary industry for almost 20 years. I have trained with some great Chefs and learned many cuisines in my career. My favorite cuisine is Southern. I have worked in Charleston, South Carolina and loved every minute of learning about the low country cuisine. This cuisine has a big influence on my favorite flavor profiles. I look forward to bringing a comfort food approach to make the clients at Cedar Oaks feel at home during their stay. Our approach will be comforting, nutritious, and fun!

His goal—and ours—is to ensure our clients receive an authentic and enjoyable dining experience during their time with us. When you join us at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center, we make sure to pay close attention to your dietary preferences and restrictions in addition to your medical history and mental needs.

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