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Providing Safe Treatment for those Struggling with Mental Health in Ohio

At Cedar Oaks Wellness Center in Cincinnati, we are continually striving to find newer and better ways for our patients to recover from mental health difficulties and disorders. As part of this goal, we are happy to announce our supportive housing options. If you feel like your recovery or ongoing mental health treatments are being hindered by where you live, then the supportive housing options that we offer could be perfect for you.

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What is Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing provides people with a safe, affordable place to stay when their typical housing situation becomes untenable. In conjunction with mental health treatments, supportive housing gives patients a place to live while undergoing treatments and therapies. When the treatments end, the supportive housing arrangement will usually end, too. Our professionals at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center can help you make plans for a safe and healthy living arrangement when your treatment program is completed.

It can be highly affordable, too, if supportive housing as part of a mental health treatment plan is covered by healthcare insurance due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

Benefits of Supportive Housing

The approach to mental health treatment in recent years has made great strides to understand the situation and its symptoms more broadly and holistically. Recovery specialists know that focusing purely on the mental health disorder will often bring only temporary results. By looking at the situation as a whole, the results of treatment can be far more effective and long-lasting. This idea is how supportive housing has become seen as so beneficial for so many mental health treatment patients.

Some of the best benefits of supportive housing during mental health programs are:

  • Creates a distraction-free healing environment to address the concerns and pains caused by a mental health disorder.
  • Removes the stress of daily life to save energy to confront difficult emotions and work through them.
  • Acknowledges that healing from a mental health disorder doesn’t fit into a one-hour-a-week box for all patients.
  • Offers a true 24/7 monitoring support system for people who need accountability to support their recovery.
  • Allows daily access to nursing and clinical staff to get needs met as soon as a concern arises.
  • Places the patient into a supportive circle of peers who are also going through their own healing journey.
  • Eliminates the feelings of isolation that healing in solitude can cause, replacing them with the confidence of healing in a community.
  • Immerses the patient with other like-minded individuals for collaborative therapy and healing.

Who Should Enter Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing is a great supplementary option for mental health treatments at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center in Cincinnati. You might not need it on your path to recovery, though. Typically, we recommend supportive housing to people who are currently living in an environment that is not conducive to the healing process.

For example, if your mental health difficulty is worsened by or connected to alcohol addiction, then recovery could be almost impossible if you live in a household with friends or family members who frequently drink alcohol for recreation. Supportive housing in this situation could be perfect to give you a stable and unproblematic place to stay while you are recovering.

Talk to Us About Supportive Housing Options

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is fully focused on your well-being, comfort, and happiness. If you want help treating a mental health disorder, then we would be happy to see the best treatment options for you, which might include supportive housing to give you a safe space. Under our care, you could be on the path to a tomorrow in which you feel like yourself again.

Discuss supportive housing options today by dialing (513) 780-5201.

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