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Rehab Options & Treatments for Everyone

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is proud to offer a variety of drug addiction rehabilitation programs that are known for their effectiveness and affordability. We take time to get to know everyone who comes to our rehab center, so we can deliver the most effective treatment options and therapies. Not only are we focused on making sure that your physical health improves as you combat addiction, but we also pay attention to your emotional, mental, and spiritual health, too. It is part of our holistic approach that so many in the Columbus area have come to love and trust.

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Helping the Fight Against Addictive Substances

Drug addiction can take many forms and can be caused by countless different substances and narcotics. You do not need to search far and wide to find a rehab center capable of helping you overcome your addiction, though. We have the knowledge, experience, talented staff, and equipment necessary to assist you with virtually any drug addiction.

Many people come to our Columbus drug rehab center after becoming addicted to:

Identifying Drug Addiction

There are tens of millions of Americans struggling with drug addiction today. Unfortunately, not everyone who is addicted to an unsafe substance knows it. Many people who are addicted to a drug or narcotic think they do not have a problem, even as unsafe symptoms start to add up. It is important to pay attention to all signs of drug addiction to better identify it and then take action.

People who are addicted to a substance can experience:

  • Constant craving to have another dose
  • Needing a larger dose to get the same “high”
  • Spending any extra cash on the drug
  • Stealing the drug from others
  • Only feeling happy after having a dose
  • Using the drug just to fall asleep

How We Treat Drug Addiction

You are a unique person, and the details of your drug addiction are just as unique. If we want to effectively fight your drug addiction, then we have to create a unique approach to your treatment, too. This is why no one at our addiction treatment center is given a premanufactured recovery plan. Everyone gets a chance to work closely with our team to figure out what treatments would be most effective and why.

To name a few of our therapies and programs, we are proud to offer:

Detox Treatment for Severe Cases

People with severe addictions can suffer unsafe side effects when they stop taking the drug that has caused their addiction. This is known as withdrawal, and it must be taken seriously. At Cedar Oaks Wellness Center, we can offer a medical detox program to people who need to take an extra step at the start of their treatment plans.

Medical detox is a way to gradually ease you off the use of the addictive substance with the goal of minimizing your withdrawal symptoms. Using laboratory-created substances, our detox specialists can make sure you always feel safe and comfortable.

Discover the Cedar Oaks Difference Today

Recovery from a strong addiction is not an intangible goal, it is a real achievement you can accomplish! Come to our Columbus drug rehab center today and discover all the ways we can help uplift you along the road ahead. Together, we know that you can overcome addiction and live your best life again.

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