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SMART Recovery - What Is It?

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process that involves intricate treatments and therapies. Support groups have been proven to serve as a beneficial resource to give individuals struggling with addiction the ability to maintain sobriety.

Self-Management and Recovery Training, also known as SMART Recovery, was built on a scientific foundation instead of a spiritual one. Founded in 1992, SMART Recovery is a nationwide nonprofit organization that offers free support groups to individuals struggling with recovery. It is known as the Four-Point program and vastly differs from other, well-known 12-Step programs.

As an organization, SMART Recovery offers treatments at different centers across the nation, and Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is honored to be one of them.

What Sets SMART Recovery Apart

SMART Recovery was designed to teach and increase self-reliance rather than focus on powerlessness. Members are encouraged to talk with one another, not to one another, and the use of labels like “alcoholic” or “addict” is discouraged.

The recovery program also recognizes that the only one who can be the expert on your recovery is you. Not only does it provide a variety of practical tools that allow others to sustain long-term life changes, but it also offers Family & Friends meetings. The Family & Friends meetings address concerned significant others looking to support their loved ones effectively.

The SMART Recovery approach is summarized in the Four-Point program.

Four-Point Program

1. Enhance and Maintain Motivation to Abstain

SMART Recovery is an abstinence-oriented program that focuses on empowering others to refrain from participating in their harmful habits. Harmful habits are not limited to substance addictions but include activity addictions as well. Because motivation is crucial to achieving any goal, individuals are supported in finding their self-motivation to maintain sobriety.

2. Coping with Urges to Use

Because recovery is a lifelong journey, there may come a time when you or your loved one experiences urges to act on their harmful habit and lead to relapse. Relapsing comes in three stages: emotional, mental, and physical. SMART Recovery focuses on teaching skills that are effective for long-term results.

3. Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors 

People often engage in addictive behavior to cope with emotions and feelings. Rather than focusing on your past, SMART Recovery focuses on the present and the cause of self-destructive behaviors. Changes in thinking will ultimately lead to changes in behavior.

4. Living a Balanced Life

SMART Recovery is a mental health and educational program that focuses on changing behavior. The tools provided are designed to teach lasting change and support long-term recovery. It does not require a lifelong commitment but empowers you to personalize your plan for change.

Take The First Step to Recovery at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center

If you think SMART Recovery is suitable for you, our team at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center can provide additional information. SMART Recovery can be treated as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with our other therapy options.

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