Commonly Asked Questions

Questions That You May Have

What type of clients are appropriate for Cedar Oaks?

At Cedar Oaks, we are licensed and accredited to treat a wide variety of substance abuse and co-occuring disorders. Whether you are struggling with alcohol or drugs abuse, depression, anxiety, or other mental health diagnosis our facility is equipped to provide the best-practice care for all clients.

What makes Cedar Oaks different?

Cedar Oaks is a premier treatment center. From our enchanting120 acre property to our highly trained and caring staff. Our facility stands alone as the upscale, resort-style treatment facility in Ohio. The client-centered approach at Cedar Oaks ensures that every person who comes through our doors will have a one-of-a-kind treatment experience, specifically tailored to their needs.

Do you accept my insurance?

Cedar Oaks accepts most commercial insurance plans. We are committed to serving as many individuals as possible. If we cannot accept your insurance, we will negotiate a cash pay rate with the client or refer them to a facility that can accept them.

How long will my stay at Cedar Oaks be? Is there a minimum commitment?

There is no minimum commitment at our facility, but clients typically stay 3-4 weeks onsite. Detoxification is on average, six days, while the residential program is typically an additional three weeks.

What staff can I expect to interact with while at Cedar Oaks?

We have a wide variety of helping professionals onsite at Cedar Oaks. Each client will interface directly with nursing staff, clinical staff, and resident assistants. All staff are professionally trained to provide quality care and understanding of each client’s individual needs.

What belongings do I need to bring with me for my stay?

At Cedar Oaks, we provide general necessities for our clients. We ask our clients to bring only one suitcase or bag. Clients are suggested to pack one week’s worth of clothes, toiletries, and any current medications they are prescribed. Cell phones are allowed during designated times while at Cedar Oaks, but are not required.

Do you have more questions about Rehab?

If you have any additional question about rehab or our facility, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer any other questions.

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